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Okuri-Inu Token

Welcome to the official Okuri-Inu Token website. Okuri-Inu Token (OKURI) is a community driven token on the Binance Smart Chain, with one goal in mind. Earn Shib!

Okuri-Inu Token (OKURI)


Okuri-Inu Token is a decentralized community driven token on the Binance Smart Chain. This innovative protocol contains the most carefully thought out tokenomics available today.


The developers of Okuri-Inu Token are dedicated supporters of Shiba Inu and have created this token to support the shared objective of Shiba Inu. They have created a way to help Shiba Inu holders and reward Okuri Inu token holders, at the same time. The Devs are so dedicated to Okuri-Inu Token they will not have a Dev Wallet with Okuri Tokens. This is a safeguard where the Devs can’t cash out. All holders of Okuri-Inu Token will receive Shiba Inu BSC Tokens as reflections. Also, a small portion of each transaction will be sent to auto liquidity.


Holders of Okuri will receive 5% reflection in Shiba-Inu Tokens on every transaction of Okuri. So sit back and watch your Shiba-Inu Tokens grow for just holding! Okuri holders will also have a small percentage of all transactions automatically sent to liquidity. These 2 rewards are crucial in helping Okuri and Shiba-Inu succeed! 5% of Shib will also go to the Devs, so they will be able to market the token accordingly.

Okuri-Inu Token

The new meme


Okuri-Inu Token is fully  decentralized.

This is the Dawn of a New Era of Meme Coins!

In this new world of meme tokens, Smart Shib stands out among the rest and already has a proven track record of steady organic growth. Over the first two months we’ve earned community trust and continue on our path upward.

Why Choose Smart Shib Token?

The Smart Shib Token contract is verified and 100% of LP tokens have been burned which means no one can ever access the liquidity pool.


Community Focused

Our dedicated community is seen as a key member of our team and is involved in every step along the way.

Dedicated Management

We take our roadmap very seriously. Okuri-Inu Token is focused on advanced development and delivering for our holders.

Presale Launch

Okuri-Inu Token will have a presale on PinkSale in the coming days. Please stay tuned on our Twitter for further announcements on a release date.

How to Buy

1. Install Trust wallet

Install Trust Wallet on your phone or desktop and follow instructions carefully to create your Smart Chain wallet.

2. Deposit BNB to Trust Wallet

After successfully creating your wallet, purchase Smart Chain BNB by highlighting BNB and pressing the “buy” button. Purchase desired amount of BNB via debit card or bank account. BNB is the currency of the Binance Smart Chain and is necessary for purchases and transaction fees.

3. Connect to Smart Swap Dex

Connect your wallet to Smart Swap Dex (https://smartswapdex.com/) on your phone or desktop (same device as wallet) on your web browser go to https://smartswapdex.com/ and click “connect wallet.”  

4. Exchange BNB for Smart Shib

On Smart Swap Dex set slippage to 12% in the option menu. Now you can swap BNB for Smart Shib ($SMART). Once you’ve completed your swap follow the instructions below to view Smart Shib in your wallet.


Quarter 4 (2021)

- Assemble Dev Team - Completed
- Website Created - Completed
- Contract Created
- Pinksale Presale
- Public Sale PancakeSwap
- Listing on CoinGecko
- Listing on CoinMarketCap
- Update on BSCScan

Quarter 1,2,3,4 (2022)

- To Be Determined

Join our welcoming community and be part of the team. We encourage all holders to  jump on board and help spread the word about Smart Shib. With the power of our dedicated team and loyal holders Smart Shib can compete with any of the top tokens on the market. Let’s go!!!


Enter the token address in the Trust Wallet search bar


5% Reflection in Shib


5% Shib Wallet for Devs


1% Auto-Liquidity



Okuri-Inu is not recommending or encouraging that any cryptocurrency should be held, bought, or sold without first consulting a financial advisor. Be sure to conduct your due diligence. Do not invest without being fully certain of what you are investing in. Your purchase of Okuri-Inu is not the purchase of a security or investment. You also agree to hold all members of the development team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. You also agree that the team is presenting the token “as is” and is not required to provide any support or service

White-paper Published Information:

This white-paper provides general information. You are unauthorized and should not rely on this white-paper for any kind of advice including business, finances or investing. Take the white-paper at your own risk. This white-paper should not influence your decisions and assistance with finances should come from an attorney or a financial advisor. The owners and contributors of this white-paper are in no way responsible for actions executed due to your reliance on this whitepaper.

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Some statements within this white-paper are looking into the future. In accordance, these statements are clear to risk and uncertainty outside of the control of those contributing to this white-paper. Do not overemphasize or act according to these statements. Actual actions may vary slightly against their initial outline within this white-paper, so we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy when referencing future statements.


Every reader of this white-paper agrees to arbitrate any dispute arising from or in connection with the white-paper or this disclaimer, except for disputes related to copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or patents. The contributors are in no way liable for any actions taken/untaken or any profits gained/lost.

Tax Compliance and Warranty:

Okuri-Inu cannot guarantee this token will comply with the tax laws of any nation, so be sure to do your due diligence prior to acquiring it. This white paper is provided “as is”. There are no warranties of any kind regarding this white paper or any content, services or data within this white paper.